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Remote System

The Envirolet® Waterless Remote System (Non-Electric) allows function and design. The Waterless Toilet can be installed with as little as 74cm/29" of space below, is available in a variety of colour choices and features a unique "trap" design that prevents waste from being seen. All this and no power is needed! A 10cm/4" Wind Turbine is included standard.

What's in the box?
1. Envirolet® Waterless Remote (Non-Electric) Composting Unit
2. Waterless Toilet (White is standard)
3. Premix Starter Kit
4. Envirolet® Compost Accelerator (237ml/8oz)
5. 10cm/4" Wind Turbine
6. 2-Stage Pre-Sediment Filter Drain Kit (includes Filter Tray, Filter Tube, 5' Nylon Drain Line and Quick Connect Breather "T")
7. Vent/Drain Kit (Includes: 61cm/2' x 20cm/8" Flexible Drain Duct, 20cm/8" Gear Clamp, 122cm/4' x 10cm/4" Flexible Vent Duct, 10cm/4" Coupling, Silicone, and Rubber Roof Flashing.
* Please check your installation to see if you require additonal 20cm/8" Flexible Drain Duct. 61cm/2' supplied is enough for ground to bathroom floor distance of 152cm/5'. Order more if necessary.)

Optional Accessories:
Envirolet® Turbo Fan - Inline fan placed in vent line to increase performance. Recommended for vents installed with angles. Available in 12VDC or 220VAC.

6 persons per day for vacation use and 4 persons per day for continuous use. (Based on 3 uses per person per day.) Installed 2-Stage Pre-Sediment Drain must connect to approved drain site.

Remote System Size:
64cm W x 84cm L x 72cm H/25" W x 33" L x 28.5" H

Waterless Toilet Size:
42cm W x 57cm L x 52cm H (38cm H to seat)/16.5" W x 22.5" L x 20.5" H (15" H to seat)

Shipping Weight:
110 lbs.

Drain Use:
Installed drain must be connected to acceptable drain site with this system. Ask for details.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks

Envirolet® WRS/NE (Non-Electric) Composting Toilet System
5S04WRNEEUR 3.079,00
1. Choose Toilet Colour: 
2. Add Turbo Fan?: 
3. Add extra 8 inch Flexible Drain: 
4. Add extra Compost Accelerator?: 

All prices are in €. "Complete System" prices include shipping charges & taxes. Details.
Systems are CE Certified for use in Europe.

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