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Remote System

The Envirolet® Waterless Remote System (12VDC Battery) is ideal when you have space directly below your bathroom either in a basement or outside. The Waterless Toilet goes in your bathroom and is connected to the Waterless Remote System located directly below.

What's in the box?
1. Envirolet® Waterless Remote (12VDC Battery) composting unit
2. Waterless Toilet (White is standard color)
3. Premix Starter Kit
4. Envirolet® Compost Accelerator (8oz)
5. 10cm/4" Wind Turbine
6. 2-Stage Pre-Sediment Filter Drain Kit (Filter Tray, 5' Nylon Drain Line, Quick Connect Breather "T")
7. Vent/Drain Kit (Includes: 2' x 8" Flexible Drain Duct, 8" Gear Clamp, 4' x 4" Flexible Vent Duct, 4" Coupling, 4" Gear Clamp, Silicone, and Rubber Roof Flashing. *Please check your installation to see if you require additonal 8" Flexible Drain Duct. 2' supplied is enough for ground to bathroom floor distance of 5'. Order more if necessary.)

Battery not included. System requires a 12v marine, deep cycle battery.

8 persons per day for vacation use and 6 persons per day for continuous use. (Based on 3 uses per person per day.) Installed 2-Stage Pre-Sediment Drain must connect to approved drain site. Click here to see examples. Add Envirolet® Turbo Fan for increased performance.

Remote System Size:
25" W x 33" L x 28.5" H

Waterless Toilet Size:
16.5" W x 22.5" L x 20.5" H (seat 15" H)

Shipping Weight:
118 lbs.

Drain Use:
Installed drain must be connected to acceptable drain site with this system. Ask for details.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks

Envirolet® WRS/12VDC Composting Toilet System
5S05WRDCEUR 3.299,00
1. Choose Toilet Colour: 
2. Add Remote Switch?: 
3. Add Turbo Fan?: 
4. Add extra 8 inch Flexible Drain: 
5. Add 50W Solar Kit?: 
6. Add extra Compost Accelerator?: 

All prices are in €. "Complete System" prices include shipping charges & taxes. Details.
Systems are CE Certified for use in Europe.

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