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Envirolet® 101 video set just added!

Watch the Envirolet® composting toilets video online! The video is 24 minutes long and may take a moment to begin depending on your connection speed.

Discover the advantages of Envirolet®, the most advanced Composting Toilet Systems in the world and how they can save you $$ while saving the environment. In clear concise terms, this video explains the technology and dispels the myths about Composting Toilets, and illustrate that they are not all created equal. Hosted by Ron Hewat, former play-by play announcer for the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey games for sixteen years.

Press the play button to begin.

You can also watch the first 4 minutes on YouTube:

All prices are in €. "Complete System" prices include shipping charges & taxes. Details.
Systems are CE Certified for use in Europe.

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