The Science of Envirolet®

Envirolet® dispels the myth that all composting toilet systems are "created equal."

Only Envirolet® brand composting toilets systems are designed and engineered around our unique, patented, Automatic Six-Way Aeration and evaporation process.

Automatic Six-Way Aeration

Operating in conjunction with natural microbe action, dual fans (not found in other systems) continuously circulate a large volume of air, at a high flow rate, around a specially shaped Aeration Basket that maximizes waste surface area for better efficiency.

Aeration Basket

Our breakthrough technology dramatically improves both waste reduction and recycling by increasing aeration, evaporation and microbe activity. In addition, our patented design allows for significant reduction of the System size, while still maximizing System performance.

This superior System makes operation both convenient and simple, and eliminates the tiresome turning of waste required by some "manual drum" toilets. Independent laboratory tests have proven that Envirolet®, with patented Automatic Six-Way Aeration™, provides over 100% more efficiency than others.

More Than Meets the Eye

Some composting toilets are basically hollow shells. Envirolet® is different. Envirolet® is truly a composting toilet system. Check out some of the main components in the image below.

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Systems are CE Certified for use in Europe.

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